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  Ad5001 b2f0207148 Adding fyvekatz to contributors 2 years ago
  ⋀d5001 ce05c1c269
Merge pull request #47 from fyvekatz/ALPHA12 2 years ago
  fyvekatz 1cc8c924af Fixed typo which results in creash when "delBio" option is specified during level generation. 2 years ago
  fyvekatz 1a76db0b59 Updated API version to ALPHA12 2 years ago
  Λd5001 2b7566315d
Merge pull request #43 from zyware/patch-1 2 years ago
  Mikhail N 0342a6bd39
Update plugin.yml 2 years ago
  Λd5001 b1fce28b47
Fixing startup warning when folders were already created 2 years ago
  Λd5001 082a8060f9
Quick fix #40 2 years ago
  Λd5001 40a6206409
Fixing #39 2 years ago
  Ad5001 6d636e7443 Fixing folder related bugs 2 years ago
  Ad5001 4b5cdeed6e Dungeons! 2 years ago
  Ad5001 2a9c440d10 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Ad5001/BetterGen 2 years ago
  Ad5001 a671c0c29c Continuing on dungeons 2 years ago
  Ad5001 e7ef5620d1
Merge pull request #34 from wyt3dr4g0n/master 2 years ago
  Robb Jones bdb77f6e81 Corrected variable in conversion code 2 years ago
  Robb Jones 8387366191 Updated for 3.0.0ALPHA9 2 years ago
  Robb Jones 946ff01874 Updated code for converting seed to int 2 years ago
  Robb Jones db96352150 Updated for 3.0.0ALPHA9 2 years ago
  Ad5001 4512f5dfcd
New banner ! 3 years ago
  Ad5001 512ac47f70 Adding dugeons 3 years ago
  Ad5001 8f933a8c12 Well #23 3 years ago
  Ad5001 b5fb3c21ae Fixing a level error 3 years ago
  Ad5001 1f6416d02e Documented EVERY SINGLE FUNCTIONS... 3 years ago
  Ad5001 920fd82b6e Changing file headers 3 years ago
  Ad5001 becff0ca47 Fixing mineshaft going too up 3 years ago
  Ad5001 c7bbc37d8d Fixing namespaces issues. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 015967050d Changing private properties to protected 3 years ago
  Ad5001 f0a43c5149 Possibility to add/remove structures #8 (including lakes ! #17) 3 years ago
  Ad5001 668cc0de55 Fixing formating (again) 3 years ago
  Ad5001 be6965b909 Fixed formating. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 e8f2961eab Introducing officially an not bugged FallenTree #2 3 years ago
  Ad5001 6bd501a78b Fixing critical FallenTree based error. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 32e07dea3f Fixing merge part 2. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 deef860af0 Fixing merging problems. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 1720d2d82d Some changes 3 years ago
  Ad5001 d954937dde Merge pull request #18 from thebigsmileXD/master 3 years ago
  XenialDan dd8ec304ee Merge branch 'master' into master 3 years ago
  Ad5001 4b109d817f Fixing #15 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 3fa14b9b1b Fix chestspaces 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 413371a3c1 Enhance temple even more, fix some placement issues #3 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 7ce51d546a Reformatting, Fix #2, temple debug command 3 years ago
  Ad5001 34cd4790ed #12 Removing Sakura Bushes. 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD a7b8469c9c Fix generation issues 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 4ccd95196f Final touches 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 055014aa88 Undefined fixes 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 796c10f51a Static call fixes, Params fix, spelling upgrades 3 years ago
  thebigsmileXD 38f9faecd8 Make Generation max height depend on the actual maxheight, fix PHPstorm namespaces 3 years ago
  Ad5001 8311298fbc Fixing deadbush problem #12. Making ravines generate at the same time than caves. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 f54139c858 Fixing #11, console spamming 3 years ago
  Ad5001 5362a4cb81 Adding fallen trees + some tweaking.. 3 years ago