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Ad5001 1d5f109b68
Removing "Copyright" from the copyright, updating omegamma. 4 months ago
Ad5001 7843bcab81
Fixing 404 page. 5 months ago
Ad5001 fd860ce233
Forgot to update file links 7 months ago
Ad5001 a2f0a80be5
Updating AMO badges. 7 months ago
Ad5001 92fb9c9aa6
Fixing typo. 7 months ago
Ad5001 554aab2f05
Fixing bug with main page. 7 months ago
Ad5001 da03fff226
Updating flags. 7 months ago
Ad5001 7b72b5544b
Adding proper coverage in LICENSE for i18n content. 8 months ago
Ad5001 34f7b414e9
Fix small typos. 8 months ago
Ad5001 58ec21f587
Adding BashOOP, adding i18N specific to website to repo directly. 8 months ago
Ad5001 c97ba3245e
Forgot to update in the dev config too. 8 months ago
Ad5001 1448ed767e
Updating copyrights 8 months ago
Ad5001 bb5553f0b8
Adding new skills, optimizing SVGs. 8 months ago
Ad5001 d54d58e84e
Diminished the size of the bundled website by a lot, also optimizing the gohugo logo use in about page by a 50x (!) scale. 10 months ago
Ad5001 43b3b2907c
Merge branch 'main' of https://git.ad5001.eu/Ad5001/ad5001.eu 10 months ago
Ad5001 ef9e3b0671
Updating omegamma. 10 months ago
Ad5001 9c4f45bab7
Adding favicons. 10 months ago
Ad5001 66d06992a4
Updating omegamma. 11 months ago
Ad5001 791d4de528
First fixes based on feedback 11 months ago
Ad5001 7668e4a231
Adding open graph & twitter card datas. 11 months ago
Ad5001 b6dedf54ce
Updating page on mobile. 11 months ago
Ad5001 1afe5b694e
Updating omegamma. 11 months ago
Ad5001 adf1176163
Updating omegamma to fix visual bug on mobile about page. 11 months ago
Ad5001 821de8ae28
Updating omegamma. 11 months ago
Ad5001 569e53278c
Fixing various typos. 11 months ago
Ad5001 093ef7deff
About page in French. 11 months ago
Ad5001 9f291c3a26
Adding icons! Continuing about page. 11 months ago
Ad5001 5ca49df8c6
Updating omegamma. 11 months ago
Ad5001 fd53c0883c
Forgot to update omegamma. 11 months ago
Ad5001 371f9f4703
Starting about page! 11 months ago
Ad5001 731c3b1cc4
Minimifiying HTML content. 11 months ago
Ad5001 60424b9c56
Fixing bugs. 12 months ago
Ad5001 c1f54d8540
Proper yaml linting. 1 year ago
Ad5001 d006d4a562
Removing nofollow when it's not needed 1 year ago
Ad5001 54182d1dc5
Updating omegamma with opening link in new tabs for external websites. 1 year ago
Ad5001 6c363c0f7e
Updating omegamma. 1 year ago
Ad5001 1f2bcf0e5c
Updating omegamma. 1 year ago
Ad5001 cfe5114a39
Updating omegamma, using custom config for dev environment. 1 year ago
Ad5001 e90b82cb46
Forgot to update omegamma. 1 year ago
Ad5001 48935241a9
Adapting to dynamic number of cards. 1 year ago
Ad5001 759368a87b
Finished fixing bugs for CI. 1 year ago
Ad5001 418eb91fc3
Ad5001 54fe0dd1bf
One last try. 1 year ago
Ad5001 ca083e478c
Still failing, for some reason I do not understand. 1 year ago
Ad5001 074e5be314
trying something else. 1 year ago
Ad5001 d56a22e8f2
uh oh. It seems it didn't delete the right folder... 1 year ago
Ad5001 8b1d67d75d
REmoving old website info ssh script in order to fix issue when deploying. 1 year ago
Ad5001 6eb18669d1
Updating omegamma, finishing final CI touches 1 year ago
Ad5001 e7e6ec184c
Trying to fix submodule fetch (patch will be removed in the future when omegamma goes public). 1 year ago
Ad5001 afb5da1ae9
Trying a bit of debugging. 1 year ago