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Ad5001 d54d58e84e
Diminished the size of the bundled website by a lot, also optimizing the gohugo logo use in about page by a 50x (!) scale. 5 days ago
Ad5001 43b3b2907c
Merge branch 'main' of https://git.ad5001.eu/Ad5001/ad5001.eu 6 days ago
Ad5001 ef9e3b0671
Updating omegamma. 6 days ago
Ad5001 9c4f45bab7
Adding favicons. 2 weeks ago
Ad5001 66d06992a4
Updating omegamma. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 791d4de528
First fixes based on feedback 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 7668e4a231
Adding open graph & twitter card datas. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 b6dedf54ce
Updating page on mobile. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 1afe5b694e
Updating omegamma. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 adf1176163
Updating omegamma to fix visual bug on mobile about page. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 821de8ae28
Updating omegamma. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 569e53278c
Fixing various typos. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 093ef7deff
About page in French. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 9f291c3a26
Adding icons! Continuing about page. 3 weeks ago
Ad5001 5ca49df8c6
Updating omegamma. 4 weeks ago
Ad5001 fd53c0883c
Forgot to update omegamma. 4 weeks ago
Ad5001 371f9f4703
Starting about page! 4 weeks ago
Ad5001 731c3b1cc4
Minimifiying HTML content. 2 months ago
Ad5001 60424b9c56
Fixing bugs. 2 months ago
Ad5001 c1f54d8540
Proper yaml linting. 2 months ago
Ad5001 d006d4a562
Removing nofollow when it's not needed 2 months ago
Ad5001 54182d1dc5
Updating omegamma with opening link in new tabs for external websites. 2 months ago
Ad5001 6c363c0f7e
Updating omegamma. 2 months ago
Ad5001 1f2bcf0e5c
Updating omegamma. 2 months ago
Ad5001 cfe5114a39
Updating omegamma, using custom config for dev environment. 2 months ago
Ad5001 e90b82cb46
Forgot to update omegamma. 2 months ago
Ad5001 48935241a9
Adapting to dynamic number of cards. 2 months ago
Ad5001 759368a87b
Finished fixing bugs for CI. 2 months ago
Ad5001 418eb91fc3
FINALLY WORKING! 2 months ago
Ad5001 54fe0dd1bf
One last try. 2 months ago
Ad5001 ca083e478c
Still failing, for some reason I do not understand. 2 months ago
Ad5001 074e5be314
trying something else. 2 months ago
Ad5001 d56a22e8f2
uh oh. It seems it didn't delete the right folder... 2 months ago
Ad5001 8b1d67d75d
REmoving old website info ssh script in order to fix issue when deploying. 2 months ago
Ad5001 6eb18669d1
Updating omegamma, finishing final CI touches 2 months ago
Ad5001 e7e6ec184c
Trying to fix submodule fetch (patch will be removed in the future when omegamma goes public). 2 months ago
Ad5001 afb5da1ae9
Trying a bit of debugging. 2 months ago
Ad5001 bd62c64b7a
I'm tired of dealing with docker issues, so I'm changing this. 2 months ago
Ad5001 f330016f15
Fixing hugo version. 2 months ago
Ad5001 2cee10af94
Wrong branch name for CI. 2 months ago
Ad5001 6f023813be
Trying new method via SCP, automated building, and less server side configuration necessary. 2 months ago
Ad5001 f12248bf01
Forgot to change required environment change. 2 months ago
Ad5001 25a6cd391f
Trying automated building. 2 months ago
Ad5001 443f7e3e95
Fixing issue with page description 2 months ago
Ad5001 3ff643b6fa
Adding submodule for omegamma, adding trailing slash to path to avoid unnecessary redirection. 2 months ago
Ad5001 de86830970
Adding terms of use, small changes, trying to add git information. 3 months ago
Ad5001 9bca4337b0
Fixing layout and adding font reference for badges. 3 months ago
Ad5001 920dabea63
Distribution platforms page complete! Now using longer text for buttons since they wrap. 3 months ago
Ad5001 ba338bc9df
Moving social menu to data file. 3 months ago
Ad5001 d0179d1dd0
Fixing various grammar mistakes. 3 months ago