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Make minigames easier! Gamemanager is a plugin that makes writing a minigame much easier with its easy api, which is conveniently designed for per world minigames!
I made this for me in the beginning but feel free to use it to write your own minigame!

How to make a game:

To make a game base, create a new file called "<YOUR_GAME_NAME>.php". Inside it, add a


use Ad5001\GameManager\Game;
use pocketmine\Player;

class <YOUR_GAME_NAME> extends Game {

public function onGameStart() { // When the game start (enought players)
// $this->getServer()->broadcastMessage("Game started on {$this->getLevel()->getName()}");

public function onGameStop() { // When you stop the game.
// $this->getServer()->broadcastMessage("Game stoped on {$this->getLevel()->getName()}");

public function getMaxPlayers() : int { // Return the max of the players

This is the basic class.
Methods that you can add to the class (optionals):

Function name Arguments When it is called ? What does it do by default?
onJoin Player $player When a player join the game. It check if there are enought players that joined the game to start or kick the player from the game if there are too much players that have joined and game isn't started
onQuit Player $player When a player quit the game Nothing
onCommand \pocketmine\command\CommandSender $sender, \pocketmine\command\Command $cmd, $label, array $args When a command (registered by the game (see registerCommand in methods)) is used by the console or a player. Nothing
onInteract PlayerInteractEvent $event When a player touch a block and is in the current game Nothing
onChat onPlayerChat PlayerChatEvent $event When a player chat and is in the current game Nothing
onPlayerCommand PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent $event When a player use a command, is in the current game, and the commmand haven't been processed yet Nothing
onDeath onPlayerDeath PlayerDeathEvent $event When a player die and is in the current game Nothing
onDrop onPlayerDropItem PlayerDropItemEvent $event When a player drop an item and is in the current game Nothing
onPlayerMove onMove PlayerMoveEvent $event When a player move in the current game Nothing
onPlayerItemConsume onItemConsume PlayerItemConsumeEvent $event When a player use an item in the current game Nothing
onPlayerItemHeld onItemHeld PlayerItemHeldEvent $event When a player switch item in the current game Nothing
onDataPacketReceive DataPacketReceiveEvent $event When the server receive a packet from a player in the current game Nothing
onDataPacketSend DataPacketSendEvent $event When the server send a packet to a player in the current game Nothing
onServerCommand ServerCommandEvent $event When the console or RCon send a command Nothing
onBlockBreak onBreak BlockBreakEvent $event When a player break a block in the current game. Nothing
onBlockPlace onPlace BlockPlaceEvent $event When a player place a block in the current game Nothing
onEntityDamage EntityDamageEvent When an entity get damage in the current game Nothing

Methods that you can use in the class:

Function name Arguments What does it return ?
getPlugin None Instance of the main class (Ad5001\GameManager\Main)
getLevel None Intance of the current game level (pocketmine\level\Level)
isStarted None Boolean if the game is already started (boolean)
stop None Boolean true. Stop the game.
start None Boolean true. Start the game.
getLogger None Instance of the plugin logger (pocketmine\plugin\PluginLogger)
saveDefaultConfig None Save a config that you will be able to use using the next function
getConfig None Instance of the config (be sure of having used saveDefaultConfig)(pocketmine\utils\Config)
getDataFolder None The path of the game data folder (string)
registerCommand string $cmd, string $desc, string $usage, array $aliases, string $perm = "gamemanager.command.use" Null. Register command $cmd with the description $desc, usage $usage, aliases $aliases and permission $perm.