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  Ad5001 77afc5c638 Merge pull request #5 from jasonwynn10/clean-up 2 years ago
  jasonwynn10 42a28033ed Compact code and remove unused use statements 2 years ago
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  Ad5001 3eac7b4644 Merge pull request #3 from SuperMaXAleX/patch-2 3 years ago
  SuperMaXAleX df0fd58951 lol 3 years ago
  SuperMaXAleX c36526bcdd My bad. 3 years ago
  SuperMaXAleX 7f330a3b45 Update Elytra.php with good values. 3 years ago
  Ad5001 ad9cdc84c6 Merge pull request #1 from DarkWav/master 3 years ago
  DarkWav e4a66e7f6c Forgot about that. 3 years ago
  DarkWav 721d92491f final thing 3 years ago
  DarkWav 09c18cb02a Fix API 3.0.0 not working. 3 years ago
  Darku 961d781787 Update plugin.yml 3 years ago
  Ad5001 8399ba51de Fixing API for other softwares 3 years ago
  Ad5001 412eb407f3 HF With this plugin ! Download in the description ! 3 years ago
  Ad5001 ab7083d68a PLAY ELYTRA IN MCPE SERVERS, DONE ! 3 years ago
  Ad5001 0f8638e629 THIS IS SO FUNNY xD ! GO TRY IT xD! 3 years ago
  Ad5001 ca46db5931 Gone waaaayyy too far ! Admin tools bouncy everywhere + bouncy blocks ! 3 years ago
  Ad5001 2e2c1df038 Wohoo! Working elytras ! only need theadmins tools ! 3 years ago