An highly customisable UHC plugin for PocketMine
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Plugin completed ! Download it from here


A highly customisable UHC plugin for Minecraft PE!

Welcome here, owner/player! You may know what UHC is but if not, read this.
This is a recreation of the well known UHC gamemode for Minecraft PE server softwares in PHP!

Why is this plugin better?

This plugins allows:

  • Creating simple but highly customisable UHC matchs
  • MultiWorld Compatibility
  • Scenarios! What are scenarios

Current complete features:

  • Playing UHC (damage without regen and golden apples)
  • MultiWorld compatible
  • Scenario working
  • here Full spectator mode
  • Events

Config example:

# Your lobby world
LobbyWorld: world
   # Your UHC world
     name: uhc
     maxplayers: 8
     radius: 1000
     default_scenarios: [UHCWorldReseter]