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kf6 Release v0.4.0 1 week ago
.gitignore Updating to KDE SDK v5.15-21.08, PySide2 5.15.3, LogarithmPlotter v0.2.0. Testing needed. 1 year ago Release v0.4.0 1 week ago
eu.ad5001.LogarithmPlotter.json Release v0.4.0 1 week ago
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logarithmplotter.desktop Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago


Flahub repository for LogarithmPlotter.


The files in the kf6 directory contain the most barebones instalations of the KDE Frameworks 6 to install the QtQuick Controls 2 Desktop Theme or Breeze Styles. They're not used in LogarithmPlotter for now, as the cost vs benefits ratio is minimal (longer load times against slightly higher fidelity to KDE desktop theme, but still no theme awareness, or proper breeze icons integration).


You can build the latest version of LogarithmPlotter flatpak using flatpak-builder:

flatpak-builder AppDir eu.ad5001.LogarithmPlotter.json

After it finishes building (note that this step can take a while as it compiles Qt), you can run it using:

flatpak-builder --run AppDir/ eu.ad5001.LogarithmPlotter.json logarithmplotter --no-check-for-updates