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title: LogarithmPlotter
description: 2D plotter software to make BODE plots, sequences and repartition functions.
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Title: Discover LogarithmPlotter
Content: |
LogarithmPlotter is, as it's name suggests, a plotter made with logarithm scales in mind. With an object system similar to [Geogebra]('s, it allows dynamic creation of plots with very few limitations.
It's primary use is to quickly create [asymptotic Bode plots](, but it's extensible nature and ability to switch to non-logarithmic scales allow it to create other things with it, like sequences or statistical repartition functions.
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Image: en/logarithmplotter/objects
Alt: Object management panel.
Content: |
# Object Management System
LogarithmPlotter works with objects to create complex features and diagrams, as well as quickly manage what to display.
This system allows you to create, position, edit and delete objects in an instant.
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Image: en/logarithmplotter/object-settings
Alt: Settings panel of an object.
Content: |
# Complete object edition
Editing objects has been made very simple yet complete and easily extendable with a settings page that allows you to edit all properties of an object.
Properties are made to be backwards and forward compatible to prevent data corruption when opening a file made with a different version of LogarithmPlotter.
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Image: en/logarithmplotter/history
Alt: History panel.
Content: |
# Advanced history system
Featuring an advanced history system, LogarithmPlotter is extremely fast at undoing and redoing actions, as well as listing a complete list of actions history.
This system allows you to quickly rollback to a previous state of your diagram fairly quickly while displaying in fast mode all the modifications done in that span of time.
Another advantage of this system is that it allows history to be saved in your file directly while being extremely light on storage (LogarithmPlotter files, .lpf, rarely exceed a few kilobytes).
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Image: en/logarithmplotter/settings
Alt: Settings panel.
Content: |
# Customize how your diagram looks
LogarithmPlotter allows you to edit how your diagram looks in numerous ways, from the representation of the axis, to the size of elements and text as well as switching to normal scale mode from the logarithm one.
The settings section also features function buttons that can also be found in the menu bar, such as copying the diagram to the clipboard, or saving the plot.
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# Footnote: "*LogarithmPlotter requires [Python3]( with [PySide2]( to be installed in order to be launched."