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title: AccountFree
description: Browse and use online services, free of account.
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AccountFree is a platform focused around the idea that you should be able to use online services completly without any account if you are not a content maker, and that some of their features can be reproduced localy just as well.
Online accounts comes with many issues, namely the security hazard that comes with entrusting your personal data to an online service that does not respect your right to privacy.
AccountFree's services aim to reproduce the service's main features when unauthenticated, as well as providing an offline subscription system allowing you to follow and keep up to date on the people and topics you follow, while not implementing any of the tracking techniques put into place by said online services.
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Image: en/accountfree/services
Alt: Service management page of AccountFree.
# Services bridge system
AccountFree relies on "services" to work. Said services can be installed locally on a per-user basis while separating user data on shared computers, and can be installed, removed and toggled at will. As of right now, there exists two official services, one for [Twitter]( and one for [Twitch](, installable directly from the Services menu.
Furthermore, AccountFree provides an extensive [documentation]( and a [complete example service]( to help external developers to create services for AccountFree.
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Image: en/accountfree/follow-system
Alt: Twitter profile page example on AccountFree.
# Subscription system
AccountFree makes subscription really easy as a one click function without an account, while allowing quick shortcuts to individual profiles on the sidebar, and the majority of services allow the construction of a feed or main page displaying relevant information about all followed accounts in real time.
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Alt: AccountFree's security settings page.
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# Tor integration
AccountFree allows painless integration of [The Onion Router]( to proxy all of your connections through Tor in order to best protect your privacy.
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