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Main page Main page and index of the website. main-index ## Full stack developer. I create many different kinds of software you can find over my [applications' website](
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About me person /about/
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Apps Website apps
List FLOSS Privacy Platforms
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blue topleft2bottomright free Free, Libre and Open Source The software I publish follow the [FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software)]( philosophy and are published under licenses that follow it like: - the [GNU General Public License v3]( - the [GNU Affero General Public License v3]( - the [Mozilla Public License v2]( while my creative work is generally published under the [Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v4.0](
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purple top2bottom privacy Private by design Being FLOSS, the source code of the software I publish is fully available [on my git server](, making it transparent to all. As such, the software I create and publish does not [phone home]( or send data to the internet, unless explicitly consented by the user. Some of the software I created like [AccountFree]( or [unchecker]( were made to solve issues related to the lack of respect for people's privacy from some companies.
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Apps website apps
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yellow topright2bottomleft platforms OS agnostic By using platform abstractions, whether made by hand, or using [frameworks](, the software I create is available on a wide variety of platforms. While I, of course, cannot package for every single distribution system out there, I try to prepare at least one distribution platform for every single operating system the software I create supports.
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Check distribution platforms platforms /distribution-platforms/
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New website You're viewing right now the newest version of my website. The my legacy websites can still be accessed via the links below.
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Legacy download website open-external
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Legacy projects website open-external
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Legacy API website open-external