Create floating texts for your PocketMine server
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Create floating texts for your PocketMine server !

Welcome your players with a nice, class, and clean message, display infos on large walls easily, and much more in a few steps using this plugin!

Downloading the plugin.

  1. Go to and click "Download".
  2. After the .phar has been downloaded, put it into your "plugins" folder.
  3. Restart your server.

Create a floating text.

  1. Spawn any sort of mob (using a spawn egg or /summon)
  2. Then enter command "/createfloat ". Use \n to go to next line.
  3. Hit the mob you want to transform into a floating text.

And voilà ! You have created a floating text !


For those who didn't know, I always use the BoxOfDevs Public General License v1.1.3 due to some old problems.