PocketMine's Tomorrow's World Generator
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PocketMine's Tomorrow's World Generator.

Welcome user to the home of a new PocketMine World Generator which features 9 new/modified biomes:


Common structures to all biomes features:

  1. Mineshafts:

  2. Ravines:

  3. Caves:

  4. Floating islands:

[NEW BIOME] Sakura forests:

This biome features new trees: Sakura Trees, japanese pink and white trees and it’s own bush.

[NEW BIOMES] Mesa Mountains & Plains

These biomes are inspired (but not completely taken) from Minecraft PC.

Better Desert:

The desert has been reworked and now includes the Minecraft PC’s temples and wells !

Additionally, deadbush, sugar cane and cactus are here too !

Better Ice Plains

Ice plains got redesigned ! There is now snow instead of grass at it’s bottom ! On the plus side, Igloos were imported from Minecraft PC !

Oak and Birch Forests:

These two biomes now are a bit better by the additions of bushes.


To generate loot like in vanilla MCPE, you have to put the default behaviour pack contents of the game into the “addon” folder.

You can get them here: https://aka.ms/behaviorpacktemplate or here https://github.com/dktapps/mcpe-default-addon for an optimised version

The folder has to look like this:

All content here is copyrighted (C) Ad5001 2017. Infos about this copyright can be found in the license file.