12 labels

  • [Status] Being worked on
    When the issue is being worked on by a contributor (most likely the one assignated to the task)
  • good first issue
    When you're a new contributor, always look for thoses, as they are marked as easy to fix.
  • [Bug] Console Error
    When the issue is related to errors in the console
  • [Bug] Generation
    When an issue is related to a generation bug
  • [Feature Request] Structure
    When the issue is a feature request about structures
  • [Feature Request] Tweak
    When the feature request is about a command or a simple modificatio in the generation
  • [Status] Awaiting user reply
    When waiting for a reply from the user
  • [Status] Done
    When the issue is done and should be closed
  • [Status] duplicate
    When the issue is a duplicate and should be closed
  • [Status] TODO
    When the issue is not WIP and requires somebody to take care of it
  • [Status] wontfix
    When the issue is either by design or unpatachable
  • [Type] Question