Pocketmine Generator for Earth and heightmap based generation.

Updated 4 years ago

Pocketmine Git client !

Updated 4 years ago

Hide and seek game recreated for PocketMine-MP

Updated 4 years ago

Create graphs with logarithmic scales, namely Bode diagrams.

Updated 5 months ago

Simple library for QML allowing the mixed use of Native Menus and QtQuick ones.

Updated 1 year ago

Hugo theme for ad5001.eu and related websites

Updated 6 months ago

Make a website for your PocketMine server fully free !

Updated 4 years ago

Minecraft selectors (@A, @p, @r, @e, @s) added to pocketmine.

Updated 3 years ago

Implementation of external PocketMine/PHP libs for Visual Studio Code

Updated 4 years ago

Run several scripts on remote servers automatically.

Updated 1 month ago

Make player specator at the next level on PocketMine !

Updated 4 years ago

A spheres world generator. A new survival challenge.

Updated 4 years ago

An halloween bossfight

Updated 4 years ago

An highly customisable UHC plugin for PocketMine

Updated 4 years ago

Simple extension letting you uncheck all checkboxes on a page.

Updated 8 months ago