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Ad5001 7634557b28
Adding tertiary color and new button design. 5 months ago
Ad5001 1f7bd1dfb4
Removing rels. 11 months ago
Ad5001 d2a152fd93
Adding rich snippets. 1 year ago
Ad5001 ed60f3d091
Creating webp versions of app icons for social media. 1 year ago
Ad5001 9f8a2d4de0
Adding flags for better compatibility. 1 year ago
Ad5001 cfb79489ea
Changing flags to emogis for better language support, and bandwidth usage. 1 year ago
Ad5001 37e4396960
Adding proper copyrights to layouts. 1 year ago
Ad5001 b014b0d3f3
Moving a lot of files that were in static to assets in order for building files not to be bundled for public website
Also (nearly) joining the 1MB gang on ad5001.eu lol.
1 year ago
Ad5001 d350ae67e0
Changing format of app header layout image to webp. 1 year ago
Ad5001 6613a0239e
Adding favicons. 1 year ago
Ad5001 8cd5c276d0
Fixing bug on apps page. 1 year ago
Ad5001 2dd0188859
Hiding language label on desktop. 1 year ago
Ad5001 c0904b4b77
Adding open graph data and twitter card data in header 1 year ago
Ad5001 36cd866d21
About page finished and in french! 1 year ago
Ad5001 39abd91d8f
Fixing some bugs, continuing about page. 2 years ago
Ad5001 85d8e9ab6e
Starting aboue me page! 2 years ago
Ad5001 45316ce6b9
Merge branch 'master' of https://git.ad5001.eu/Ad5001/omegamma 2 years ago
Ad5001 756e4a39a8
Adding possibility to secondary buttons in links. 2 years ago
Ad5001 6e74010b99
Switching logo SVG to PNG. 2 years ago
Ad5001 ebd1e63256
Fixing bug with wrong appindex, removing useless alts. 2 years ago
Ad5001 39566136aa
Fixing platforms not being displayed. 2 years ago
Ad5001 a02e94cfbd
Removing nofollow where it's not needed. 2 years ago
Ad5001 3b2c0104c5
Adding no following, referer and NewTab capability for tabs. 2 years ago
Ad5001 ebd4f05942
Adding b/w outline to application icons on their page 2 years ago
Ad5001 95922d913f
Removed preloading of style to avoid cumulative layout shift 2 years ago
Ad5001 451e314408
Better handling of brand link handling for languages. 2 years ago
Ad5001 68acf336b7
Brand website assumes it's a hugo website, and redirects based on language, main-index now can have dynamic cards. 2 years ago
Ad5001 5e72906101
Fixing a lot of bugs related to first deployment. 2 years ago
Ad5001 d0b6880ebd
New docker icon, bundling all css together, changing footer. 2 years ago
Ad5001 f7fe8460da
Merging commits. 2 years ago
Ad5001 6574113551
Slight changes with test from Ecometer. 2 years ago
Ad5001 d5c7d6c2cc
Minor changes and fixes, showing Git commit in footer. 2 years ago
Ad5001 6067077580
Fixing a lot of mobile related bugs. 2 years ago
Ad5001 29770627da
Moving badges to theme, fixing bug with links not being clickable, adding disclaimer to apps for distribution icons. 2 years ago
Ad5001 1171b352c5
Allowing more social lists, wrapping within buttons! 2 years ago
Ad5001 737e3a27bc
Various optimisations, now spreadsheets are loaded asynchronously.
+ adding stackoverflow icon
+ adding omegicons fontellico config.json for easier building next time.
2 years ago
Ad5001 cc60e2f2a3
New omegicons version to include Stackoverflow, social menu moved to data file for 4x optimization. 2 years ago
Ad5001 de13fe549a
Fixing a few visual bugs and translations. 2 years ago
Ad5001 1f9fd83a07
Adding LICENSE. 2 years ago
Ad5001 9ff214909b
More scss file splitting, now using font instead of direct SVG icons to optimize requests. 2 years ago
Ad5001 3c87cee9e7
More CSS dividing, making footer buttons larger, adding new section on main page. 2 years ago
Ad5001 04cd0bc087
Fixing footer 2 years ago
Ad5001 bdded822bd
Porting all CSS to SCSS for easier maintainance, checking on all best practices. 2 years ago
Ad5001 9efa26c25e
Stylistic updates, removing dark menu 2 years ago
Ad5001 4a881df172
Integrating header with each page, removing bottom section of section-app-header template, fixing a few bugs 2 years ago
Ad5001 dfc8175367
Continuing pages. 2 years ago
Ad5001 ff89fb94a2
Layouts reorganisation, moving images, new layout for single app! 2 years ago
Ad5001 9c4d84b35b
Translation, images, slight tweaks to animations. 2 years ago
Ad5001 d839b56dd3
Translations, new icon, blocks, icons & images for softwares and fixing bugs. 2 years ago
Ad5001 09c21184c5
First section of index page! 2 years ago