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Ad5001 9f8a2d4de0
Adding flags for better compatibility. 1 year ago
Ad5001 c41419a8b9
Adding language translations. 1 year ago
Ad5001 3444081fa6
Moved i18n to apps.ad5001.eu 1 year ago
Ad5001 5ae10f7418
Moving apps related i18n to apps.ad5001.eu 1 year ago
Ad5001 bd03027213
Adding new skills, optimizing SVGs. 1 year ago
Ad5001 22f8e4ec13
Adding Launchpad.net badge. 2 years ago
Ad5001 e43b78b98a
Fixing various typos on about page. 2 years ago
Ad5001 36cd866d21
About page finished and in french! 2 years ago
Ad5001 39abd91d8f
Fixing some bugs, continuing about page. 2 years ago
Ad5001 85d8e9ab6e
Starting aboue me page! 2 years ago
Ad5001 1babf92326
Displaying version in download section 2 years ago
Ad5001 cf25bd95fb
Forgot to translate "Software commitments" for ad5001.eu. 2 years ago
Ad5001 29770627da
Moving badges to theme, fixing bug with links not being clickable, adding disclaimer to apps for distribution icons. 2 years ago
Ad5001 737e3a27bc
Various optimisations, now spreadsheets are loaded asynchronously.
+ adding stackoverflow icon
+ adding omegicons fontellico config.json for easier building next time.
2 years ago
Ad5001 de13fe549a
Fixing a few visual bugs and translations. 2 years ago
Ad5001 b64d1bdb6a
Adding support for distribution platform buttons. 2 years ago
Ad5001 9efa26c25e
Stylistic updates, removing dark menu 2 years ago
Ad5001 dfc8175367
Continuing pages. 2 years ago
Ad5001 ff89fb94a2
Layouts reorganisation, moving images, new layout for single app! 2 years ago
Ad5001 9c4d84b35b
Translation, images, slight tweaks to animations. 2 years ago
Ad5001 d839b56dd3
Translations, new icon, blocks, icons & images for softwares and fixing bugs. 2 years ago