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Nowox A terminal desktop environment. app true [{AppIndex nowox} {Background linear-gradient(135deg, rgba(60,180,255,1) 0%, rgba(40,80,200,1) 100%)} {ShowPlatforms true} {TextWhite true} {Links {Icon lookup} {Title Discover} {URL #about-section}] [{Icon download} {Title Download} {URL #download-section}}] [{Title Discover Nowox} {Content **Nowox** (acronym of **No** **W**ayland **O**r **X**11 or **No** **W**indows **O**r **X**Quartz) is a [desktop environment]( for terminals available on all three major desktop and server platforms, and acts like a keyboard-focused **graphical interface** for terminal environments, like SSH sessions or linux framebuffers. It contains numerous built-in programs, and can open external command line programs such [Bash]( or [Qalc]( Please note that Nowox is still an **alpha** software, and does not seek to be exhaustive in terms of features. }] [[{Type image|text} {Image en/nowox/fm} {Alt Nowox's File Manager program.} {Content # Browse the file system Nowox features a complete file manager which allows you to navigate through the machine's file system with ease, and open files in their corresponding program whether in Nowox, or in external programs. Switch between favorites places and drives with files selections (Ctrl+D) or directly edit your location (Ctrl+L) in order to quicly navigate between your files. }] [{Type text|image} {Image en/nowox/sc} {Alt Nowox's Spreadsheets program.} {Content # Take control of your spreadsheets Use the Spreadsheets program to take a peek at your CSV data, or directly edit your formated spreadsheets (comming soon). Nowox' Spreadsheets program allows you to edit per cell style and use [most common functions]( }] [{Type image|text} {Image en/nowox/te} {Alt Nowox's Text Editor program.} {Content # Check your logs, edit configuration and code files With the built-in text editor, you can easily and quicky check your logs. Use the Goto function (Ctrl+G) to jump to a certain line and column of the file. You can also edit code and configurations files easily with the built-in file syntax highlighting engine parsing [Kate syntax files](, while looking up the key you're looking for in search mode (Ctrl+F). }] [{Type text|image} {Image en/nowox/settings} {Alt Nowox's Settings program.} {Content # Customizable Featuring an extendable settings system, Nowox allows you to tune a lot of things to your liking, whether it's on how Nowox looks, to the screen refresh rate passing by places customization for the File Manager. In addition, Nowox supports many modern terminal features such as 24 bits terminal colors, which can be enabled whenever, but are deactivated by default for compatibility purposes. }] [{Type image|text} {Image en/nowox/ext} {Alt Nowox's Terminal programs.} {Content # Use command line programs Programs such as [Bash]( or [Qalc]( can be used seemlessly into Nowox with the terminal integration supporting a majority of ANSI support codes. Please note that, however, a lot of terminal programs (such as nano or w3m) do not work due to their usage of unknown ANSI codes that makes them refuse to display their content. }]] [{Links {Title Source code} {Icon git} {URL}] [{Title Report a bug} {Icon bug} {URL}}] [{Show true} {Categories {Name all} {Title All platforms*} {Platform Universal}} {Links [{all {Title Executable (.exe) (64 bits)} {Name Nowox-v<version>.exe (2.1MiB)} {URL /download/nowox/<version>/Nowox-v<version>.exe}] [{Title Source code (.tar.gz)} {Name Nowox-v<version>.tar.gz (1.0MiB)} {URL /download/nowox/<version>/Nowox-v<version>.tar.gz}} {linux []}]} {Footnote *Nowox requires [Mono]( to be installed in order to be launched.}]