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Ad5001 b6bad9f5ce
Changing headers of sections to header 2 to improve accessibility 8 months ago
Ad5001 e79c062e51
Changing head images for social networks to app icons. 8 months ago
Ad5001 0f1c1fea3a
Changing gradients. 9 months ago
Ad5001 548191ddfa
Finished converting all images to WEBP. 12 months ago
Ad5001 cfa7607215
Changing image formats to webp. 1 year ago
Ad5001 c4e9120f4e
Adding open graph & twitter card datas. 1 year ago
Ad5001 a5577ecb17
Fixing a lot of typos. 1 year ago
Ad5001 db7891652b
Updating unchecker's page. 1 year ago
Ad5001 ff91d98a8c
Updating package size for unchecker. 1 year ago
Ad5001 60b1165d4d
Changing gradient for unchecker in order for it to be less chunky. 1 year ago
Ad5001 4630ae0d2b
Moving social menu to data file, using templates for file downloads, removing download folder. 1 year ago
Ad5001 1bb3c1f075
Distribution platform buttons (flathub, snapcraft & AMO). 1 year ago
Ad5001 03d46eeeb8
Fixing grammatical mistakes. 1 year ago
Ad5001 ee5426c177
Using proper yaml multine string, updating to the latest version of Omegamma 1 year ago
Ad5001 b02a9c0c98
LogarithmPlotter & unchecker pages 1 year ago