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Ad5001 87777059ca
Removing "Copyright" from the copyright, updating omegamma. 6 months ago
Ad5001 48cecf21af
Forgot to change copyright in the dev file. 9 months ago
Ad5001 dbefcb6f4d
Fixing small bugs, moving app icons to omegamma. 1 year ago
Ad5001 bb939d000c
forgot to change about URL. 1 year ago
Ad5001 f99bfbf833
Updating omegamma, using custom config for dev environment. 1 year ago
Ad5001 fd0bde57e4
Fixed AccountFree package version now using full URL for brand website. 1 year ago
Ad5001 0e2838a79b
Enabling git commit info. 1 year ago
Ad5001 4630ae0d2b
Moving social menu to data file, using templates for file downloads, removing download folder. 1 year ago
Ad5001 55ea6b33e6
Changing badges to be better and closer to the originals, also adding their copyright notice. 1 year ago
Ad5001 c53f9faf33
Switching to icon font for icons, svg for app icons, and webp for previews. Also fixing a few typos and adding alt for per app images. 1 year ago
Ad5001 ee5426c177
Using proper yaml multine string, updating to the latest version of Omegamma 1 year ago
Ad5001 b178e3f390
Updating menus 1 year ago
Ad5001 a69ed665da
Main page for projects list 1 year ago
Ad5001 5d991051a2
Initial commit 1 year ago