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About me

I'm a French student that has been programming for nearly 6 years, namely in open source.
I've started programming plugins in 2015 in PHP for PocketMine.
Around that project, alongside other contributors in the BoxOfDevs team we've made several projects at the time like Sites4Code, the PocketMine Server Manager and the new version of PocketMine Tools.

Since 2017, I've been working on {{< appIcon "accountfree" >}}AccountFree, but I've also been focusing a lot on my studies.

From the beginning of 2021, I've started working on {{< appIcon "logarithmplotter" >}}LogarithmPlotter and {{< appIcon "nowox" >}}Nowox, and remaking this website from it's origin form.

{{< card 2 "tea" "topleft2bottomright" "git" "Gitea" "open-external" "My Gitea Profile" "" false true >}} You can find all my open source software on [my Gitea instance]( The artifacts can be found on my [Drone CI instance]( and on [AccountFree's artifacts system]( {{< /card >}} {{< card 2 "ebon text-white" "topleft2bottomright" "github" "Github" "open-external" "My Github Profile" "" true true >}} The majority of my software is also available on [Github]( However, a few repositories are not available there and contributions are recommanded to be done on my Gitea instance. {{< /card >}}

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Values I defend

{{< card 3 "purple" "topleft2bottomright" "privacy" "Privacy" >}} Right to privacy is a fundamental [human right](, and it's one of the core values I promote and defend. It is often undermined by companies whose business model rely solely on knowing more about you, and I actively work to reduce the dependence on these companies' products, including by promoting service [self hosting](, as well as creating software that helps you protecting your privacy online like: - [{{< appIcon "accountfree" >}}AccountFree](, which helps protecting you from being data mined by social network companies

{{< card 3 "blue" "top2bottom" "transparent" "Transparent" >}} Transparency is one of the greatest factors when it comes to how trustworthy a project is.
Open source is one of the most important components when it comes to how transparent an IT project is, as it the requirement to publish all source code is a good deterrent against imposing unethical functionality.
Open source in itself isn't the sole requirement for a project's full transparency, but alongside proper licensing and a transparent building process, it helps fostering proper trust for using open source projects.
You can find the history of my projects creations either on my Gitea profile or my Github profile, as well as build logs on Drone CI and the builds on my Nexus 3 instance. {{< /card >}}

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My skills

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{{< summary >}} Programming Languages {{< /summary >}}

Software can take a wide variety of forms, and one of the core principles when creating something is choosing the right tool for the job. Each programming languages has it's advantages and drawbacks, and creating such a wide variety of software has led me to discover and learn quite a few languages.

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{{< summary >}} Frameworks {{< /summary >}}

Frameworks are very common components in software creation. However, with the idea to keep it simple, I strive to use as few of them as possible, because they tend to add performance overhead and loss.

Hence, here is a list of frameworks I've used in the past:

Web frameworks

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Application frameworks

{{< previewSkills "FrameworksDev" >}}

As I used more and more frameworks, I began creating some myself that I use in some of my software.

Frameworks I created

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{{< summary >}} System Administration {{< /summary >}}

I've been using Linux for the past 5 years both on desktop and servers, as it helped and continues to help me become far moth proficient with it.
While I've tried many distributions, here are the ones I have the most experience with:

Linux distributions

{{< previewSkills "LinuxDistribs" >}}

This experience also made me discover container technologies:

Container technologies

{{< previewSkills "ContainerTechnologies" >}}

With these container technologies, I began using self-hosting techonologies a lot more, including:

Self hosting

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Contact me

The primary mean to contact me is by email.
However, you can also contact me through Gitea or Github for developement related purposes.
I'm not really active on Mastodon or Twitter, but you can still contact me there. However, do except it may take time for me to respond.