Make player specator at the next level on PocketMine !
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  1. ---
  2. # Welcome to SpectatorPlus config !
  3. # Here you can configure every name and messages that are managed by this plugin.
  4. # The message used when teleporting to a player in spectator mode using a compass
  5. TeleportMessage: "{player}, you have been teleported to {to}. In-game players remaining: {count}"
  6. # The message when you click the bed to get back to the lobby.
  7. LobbyMessage: Welcome back to lobby {player}
  8. # Here is the name of the compass
  9. TPCompassName: Find player
  10. # Here is the name of the back-to-lobby bed.
  11. BedBackName: Back to lobby
  12. # Name of the lobby world
  13. LobbyWorld:
  14. ...