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  1. BoxOfDevs General Software License 1.1
  2. =========================================
  3. This license is designed to be used with any free open source softwares. It can be found @
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. The License: refers to the BoxOfDevs International Software License 1.0.
  6. The Software: refers to any works licensed under The License.
  7. The Modification: refers to any modified version of The Software.
  8. The Redistribution: refers to any redistributions of The Software/The Modification.
  9. The User: refers to any user of The Software licensed under The License.
  10. The Author: refers to any developer, organisation, legal owner, or creator of The Software that has been licensed under the The License.
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Section 1 - Allowances:
  13. 1. Both The User & The Author Can:
  14. a. Modify private copies of The Software and use in any way they wish.
  15. b. Change which license The Software/The Modification is licensed under.
  16. 2. The User Can:
  17. a. Request new features, support, or more rights from The Author.
  18. b. Redistribute The Software/The Modification, ensuring The User gives all appropriate credit to The Author and alerting The Author to The Redistribution.
  19. 3. The Author Can:
  20. a. Change or update The Software in any way they wish, ensuring they follow the other terms of The License.
  21. b. Grant extra rights to The User who has requested them.
  22. Section 2 - Restrictions:
  23. 1. Both The User & The Author Cannot:
  24. a. Introduce any malicious code into The Software/The Modification.
  25. b. Sell any part of The Software/The Modification for profit.
  26. 2. The User Cannot:
  27. a. Hold The Author responsible for any unknown errors.
  28. b. Claim The Software/The Modification/The Redistribution as entirely The User's product.
  29. 3. The Author Cannot:
  30. a. Restrict The User in any way not specified by The License.
  31. b. Distribute any form of The Software without proper documentation.