Implementation of external PocketMine/PHP libs for Visual Studio Code
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Add all pocketmine functions & classes from a src.


  1. Allows an automatic class completion.
  2. Allows an automatic accessible function completion.
  3. Allows an automatic properties and Constant completions



Extension Settings

Set the library/pocketmine path (must not be compiled as .phar) in the settings and reload using command “Index PHP files”.
This will include and parse the new library

Known Issues

None so far

Release Notes


Fixing backslash path on Windows related bugs.


Fixing most major bugs


Rewriting original extension from (almost) stratch providing an easier reading. Introducing Properties (class properties, static properties and constants). Fixed anyoing method duplication.


Fixed bugs on Windows Fixed bug with autocompleting class not carring about uses.


Fixing compatibility bug with original extension.


Initial release.