Hide and seek game recreated for PocketMine-MP
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The original minigame, free, and better than ever !

Do you know the hide and seek? It's a game where some people (the hiders) hide themselfs and then the other people (the seekers) go seek them and have to find them in a limited time.
This is a recreation of this game for pocketmine !
Please note that this is still under development.


  • /hideandseek <sub command> [parameters]

Sub Commands:

  • creategame (or addgame): Creates a hide and seek
  • deletegame (or delgame): Deletes the hide and seek
  • setmaxplayers (or smp): Sets the maximum number of players
  • setseekerspercentage (or ssp): Sets the percentage of players that will be seekers
  • setwaittime (or swt): Sets the waiting time of players when 75 percents of the maximum players joined and the game starts
  • setseektime (or sst): Sets the time seekers have to find all hiders before hiders wins
  • setspawn(or ss): Sets the spawn of the place players will wait, hide, and seek
  • setseekersspawn(or sss): Sets the place where players will be tped to while hiders are hiding
  • start: Force start the game
  • stop: Force stop the game Please note that all those subcommands are relative to the world where you execute the command in.