The REAL minecraft elytra FOR MCPE SERVERS ! Also have some awesome admin additions !
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  1. # Elytras 2.0
  2. Elytras are back on your MCPE 1.0 servers with insane additions !
  3. Play with your elytras without limitations as if you were on a normal minecraft world !
  4. Give no limit to your imagination !
  5. ## Additional features.
  6. This plugin doesn't only brings the elytras to pocketmine but also some crazy features that comes with it !
  7. - Customisable bouncy blocks !
  8. By going with elytra just above those blocks, you will bounce high up in the air to start retaking speed !
  9. Those blocks are customisable in the config and are soul sand and slime blocks by default.
  10. - OPElytras mode !
  11. Travel super fast around the world with elytras and bouce anytime you touh the ground !
  12. It's like every blocks for you were bouncable !
  13. Enable it by entering command /opelytra and disable it with the same command !
  14. # Download:
  15. Click on of the links below to download the plugin.
  16. [v2 (release 24 December 2016 - Chirsmas release !)](