Your PocketMine logger seems too old? Not any longer with CustomLogger !
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3 years ago
  1. # CustomLogger
  2. CustomLogger is a styliser for PocketMine servers loggers.
  3. <br />Download the lastest version, drop it into your plugin folder, restart your server, and you will see your logger changed !
  4. <br /><br />
  5. # Documentation:
  6. To customize your logger, go in the config and modify the following things:<br />
  7. - LoggerLook for the printing messages.
  8. - LoggerPrefix for the message you want to have just before entering your conmmand.
  9. <br />
  10. Replacements:
  11. - {time} by the current H:i:s time showing
  12. - {color} by the current prefix associated color. (§f for LoggerPrefix)
  13. - {thread} by the thread name
  14. - {color-(COLOR CODE)} (such as {color-b} for blue or {color-e} for yellow) by the color wanted.
  15. - {prefix} by the prefix (could be "info", "warning", "notice"...) (only for LoggerLook)
  16. - {prefixLower} by the prefix but lowercased (only for LoggerLook)
  17. - {prefixUpper} by the prefix but uppercased (only for LoggerLook)
  18. - {message} or {msg} by the message to print (only for LoggerLook)