PocketMine's Tomorrow's World Generator
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PocketMine’s Tomorrow’s World Generator.

Welcome user to the home of a new PocketMine World Generator which features 9 new/modified biomes:


Common structures to all biomes features:

  1. Mineshafts:

  2. Ravines:

  3. Caves:

  4. Floating islands:


[NEW BIOME] Sakura forests:

This biome features new trees: Sakura Trees, japanese pink and white trees and it’s own bush.

[NEW BIOMES] Mesa Mountains & Plains

These biomes are inspired (but not completely taken) from Minecraft PC.

Better Desert:

The desert has been reworked and now includes the Minecraft PC’s temples and wells !

Additionally, deadbush, sugar cane and cactus are here too !

Better Ice Plains

Ice plains got redesigned ! There is now snow instead of grass at it’s bottom ! On the plus side, Igloos were imported from Minecraft PC !

Oak and Birch Forests:

These two biomes now are a bit better by the additions of bushes.


BetterGen wouldn’t be here today without the following guys who have made this plugin possible to get where it is now: